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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . lol...well I have a few. where do I start? ok this is a long one but trust me it's GOOD! i guess one of my fantasies is to host a gay sex party in a mansion owned by me and the guest list would include myself of course, my boys Nick aka Fenyx and his boyfriend Blakk, Thugzilla, Kidd, Japan, Jiovonnie, City Boi, Yellow Boi, Colture, Chyna, Mr. Sauki, Soulja Boi, Red Bone and Next Big Thang.
It would start with Jiovonnie, city boi and i in a hott sweaty threesome where we would all take turns sucking and fucking the shit out of each other by the pool as the sun makes the beads of water glisten all over our bodies. i would start by pulling Jiovonnie\'s big dick into my mouth and sucking him off until he can\'t hold back the cum streaming up the shaft of his dick and pulls out while City Boi fucks him in his tight little yellow ass. we would then rotate and i would fuck City Boi hard as he deep throats Jiovonnie. Jiovonnie and i would kiss while city boi takes the dick Im giving him with no problem. From there Jiovonnie would flip me over and fuck me deep and hard as i lay on my back with city boi standing over me with his cock in my throat. finally Jiovonnie would pull his dick out of my ass and climb onto my hard dick and ride me to the finish line. we would then remove all condoms and jack each other off as we lick and suck and play with each others nipples right before i bust a creamy load in Jiovonnie face, city boi on mine and Jiovonnie on his. From there i would go upstairs to shower where i would meet Colture, Soulja boi, red bone and Kidd icon already in the act of making the world hottest shower scene with Soulja boi fucking Colture and red bone giving Kidd icon the business up against the glass shower doors. \"mind if i cut in\" i would ask as i slide back the shower door and step in. Kidd bent over by red bone would grab my dick and jack me off a while be for stuffing me into his mouth and sucking my dick real good. I would kiss soulja boi\'s big sexy lips as he pounds the shit out of Colture bent over standing side by side with kidd. soon Soulja Boi and i would switch spots and colture would then suck Soulja Boi\'s cock while i fuck Im in his candy sweet asshole. Red bone would dismount Kidd and remove the condom. Kidd would then go back and forth sucking on Soulja boi and Red Bones cocks as i sit down in the shower and let Colture ride me for a while. then Red Bone would shockingly mount Soulja Boi as colture climbs off my hard pulsing dick and pull the condom off my dick as he and Kidd both go to work giving me head until i cum a load all over their faces. Red Bone would then pull out and bust one all over Soulja Boi\'s back. Soulja boi would then fuck kidd until they both cum and i would assist Colture in Cumming by sucking his nipple as he jacks off and blows his load in my mouth. After we were all cleaned up i would proceed to my room to find Thugzilla and Chyna fucking in my bed, i would go off and get mad but they would soon calm me down by inviting me to join them. Thugzilla and i would take turn fucking to shit out of Chyna. then he would enjoy sucking both our dicks for a while before we all got into position for a three way suck secession with my cock in Thugzilla mouth Chyna\'s in mine and Thugzilla in Chyans. we would all suck each other off for a min. or two them Thugzilla would mount me as i mount Chyna and we would fuck in a three way train until we were ready to blow our loads and pull out to jack off all over Chyna\'s cute little face. After getting dressed the three of us would go down stairs to finish getting ready for the party before the rest of the guest arrives. i would run to the basement to put a load of clothes into the washer and run into my best friends and roommates Fenyx and Blakk sorting they\'re laundry in the laundry room. Nick makes a mistake and bumps into me with a cup of washing detergent in his hand spilling it all over me by accident. \"Oh shit bro bro I am soo sorry\" Nick says as i start taking off my clothes and tossing then into the washer. \"Dont worry about it its cool i was going to change anyway i wasnt feeling that outfit\" i say playing it cool. \"Here bae take those pants off so they can be washed too\" say Blakk noticing that the detergent spilled all over Fenyx as well. \"Now what are u gone do to make it up to him since you spilled soap all over his clothes?\" says Blakk looking at Fenyx with a little grin on his face. Fenyx then drops to his knees and begins giving me head as i leaned back against the washing machine and enjoys the apology. Blakk drops his pants and starts jacking off as he watches. i tell Blakk to come here and i bend over and gives him head as Fenyx continues to blow me off. i stand up and Blakk drops down and joins Fenyx in giving me brain for a while one of then sucking my dick the other licking my balls and thighs. they both stand and we all kiss, i turn Fenyx around and begin to fuck him bareback as Blakk climbs behind me and does the same to me. we all blow our loads Fenyx on the floor, i on his back and Blakk on mine. the two of them would go upstairs to get showered and dressed and i would join them. Then I would join Mr. Sauki, Japan, Yellow Boi, and Next Big Thang in the back yard to help them set up the Volley ball net. I dont how but before we knew it we would all end up in one big huge thug orgy on the lawn with me fucking all of them up the tight little asses even Mr. Sauki and yellow boi. but it would end before i ended up getting fucked by Mr. Sauki and Yellow Boi too. We would all end running a train on Next big Thang and Cumming all at once all over him from head to toe. After that i would go inside and there would be a knock at the door. i would answer the door and in would come Mr. Amazing, Quest, Neo with Phat Daddy and King Dingo, Sho-nuff, Dazz, X-Stacy, Rican-Papa with Redd, Mello, Chaos and Xclusive and&you would have to pick me to hare part 2 and see what would happen once the party really begins. i normally go for the slim sexy type of dude with a small waist and a fat ass. i like hairless guys but not particular about it. I like dudes with a cute face like Pinky untouchable, Kidd, and or Jiovonnie just to name a few lol. i like dudes that are freaks and are willing to try new shit. Im a top who is willing to get fucked for the right price by the right guy. i would rather the dude not be too big if Im going to play bottom of him, i like dick but Im really an ass man ya dig? i like a thug ass nigga thats down for anything and dont mind getting fucked, but a soft slender fem dude that loves dick is perfect too. What turns you off in a partner : stupid behavior, mad breath, and dude that try to run game (if u gone get at me come real.)