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A sexual fantasy about SexyOne . I'm by myself on a Saturday night all alone in my apartment. I hear a knock at my door and I go to open it. Standing at the front of my door is Sexyone. His truck broke down at my driveway and he needs to borrow my cell or my house phone b/c his cell phone died while he was driving. Not to forget that I just got out of the shower after doing 200 sets of ab stretches, I let him in to use my phone. My cell is broke because I dropped it earlier at the pool and I'll replace it later. After he uses my phone, he let's me know that his boy will come and pick him up in a while cause he is long distance away. He asks if he could chill in my apartment after he moves his truck from out the street into my yard and I give him the green light. Five minutes later, I here a knock at my door and it's Sexyone. He just got finished moving his truck and he's sweaty from moving it. So I let him in. He let's me know he's sorry from coming into my aparment sweaty and I tell him that's ok; you cool bruh. So he sits down on my couch and I go finish watchin my movie. He asks what's the name of the movie and I tell him Transformers. He said he never was interested in Transformers as kid and wondered if he could watch it with me and I said "I'm cool with it". He comes by me all sweaty and watches it with me. As we watch, he looks at me and tells me that I smell good and I say that I just got finished takin a shower. Then he says that would I be mind getting all sweaty again and I say that I have plenty of soap so I don't care. So after that he looks back at the movie and the next few minutes he gets the remote and turns it off. I stare at him confused and say OK? He slowly gets in my face and tells me that he is hungry and I say that I have some etoufee in the fridge and he says not that type of hunger but "hunger". While dazed and confused he lays on me rubbing his enlarged crouch against mine. He starts licking my neck and un-buttoning his pants. I ask him what is he doing and he says for me to just follow and that he wants to experience me. So I go with the flow and he thrusts his crotch between my legs as he goes along. Then he rips off his pants and his drawers and tells me that he got a "Transformer for me to watch" and he rips off my drawers, spreads my legs and shoves his sweaty dick into my fresh, Olay-clean anus. I tell him to stop because he's entering raw. He let's me know that he got a vasectimy and that everything is alright. We go back and forth first missionary on the couch as he stares in my eyes as he thrusts with his eyes getting bigger each and every time. Next we move to the recliner doing cowgirl. I wasn't doing much in that position so he gave me a jump start by bouncing me up and down with his crotch strength. Then we get up doing standing cowgirl and boy he was sinister with his moves. Finally we head back to the couch and gets me missionary. After a good six minutes he exits me then asks me did I cum and I said not yet then he re-enters me and thrusts himself and my dick looking menacing all at the same time til I cum. I cum and then he kisses me saying there will always be apart of him with me. He then gets up and we laugh and I tell him that was a corny ass line. After that he gets in contact with his ride and his ride is all the way in another town and won't be able to get him until the morning. He looks at me all drenched in his cream and talks back in my house phone and says that he's fine where he's at. He hangs up and says he needs shower and I said it's down the hall by my room and he tells me that he'll need a towel, some soap and me. I smile and go with him and we get in the shower after undressing and we have intercourse again while taking a shower. After getting all clean, me and Sexyone go to lay down in bed and then when I all covered up in my sheet I feel something nibbling at my anus and I look around and there's Sexyone saying I think my junior needs a place to sleep as well. So I give him the green light and he inserts his penis in my anus and keeps it there as we sleep. We sleep the night away with a stimulating experience.