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A sexual fantasy about Mr. Saukei . It's a cold night on the 14th of December. It's only couple hours till midnight and I am continuously wondering about what experience I want to have for my soon to be birthday. My mind goes through every single scenario of where and with who I want to have the most sensual sexual in encounters. The one and only person that jumps into my mind is Saki. Laying on my bed just thinking about is alluring eyes, perfectly sculpted body, and huge protruding dick causes me to pre-cum all over my stomach. I then float in a phantasm of wishes. I enter the dinning room and I place 23 candles and 23 cupcakes on the table representing every year I have been deprived of having this bronze adonis thrusting inside of me. 23 times that I would have had the chance to grip his muscle bulging arms as he continuously sends my body into a utopia of pleasure and weakness. In all 23 locations he would give me a cupcake with one candle lit in it and tell me to make a wish and I will make it come true. My wish would be the same each time: " As I blow out this candle I want you to blow me. As I eat this cupcake I want you to eat me. And I when I finish I want you to fuck me like it was the last time you were ever going to see me." In 23 different places and 23 different way our bodies would intwine to make a moment so gratifying that we would both hate time because it betrayed us for not freezing itself to allow this moment to become an eternity. Even though, each time it would be my wish I would always be owned by him to be twisted and turned, bent and pulled, hammered or screwed because his domination is what causes my body to shoot out every ounce of cum it can produce. As I wake, I look at the clock and it has now reached midnight. I smile to myself thinking of how my dream becoming a reality would be such a delight. To my surprise I here a knock the door. I open the door and there is Saki with a cupcake with a lit candle in it. He presents it to me and says make a wish. I try to blow out the candle but no matter how hard I try the candle continues to stay lit. He laughs at me and says : "That candle is continuing to stay lit because I'm always going to pleasure you. So come on we have many more cupcakes and candles to get. And trust they are going to be more than 23."