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A sexual fantasy about Intruder . My fantasy believe or not is Input wearing that scarf & covering some of his face like here on the pic, sneaks up on me behind my back tackling me when I just get out of the tub & drying off in bed room. His rod be on hard and he starts smacking my butt cheeks hard telling me I better not do nothing either, just accept this taking down through he's about to put on me. Then Input starts rubbing his rod up against my butt telling me what I better do, which I start having some loving feelings on the downlow for him. Then he grabs some lube & tell me to be still,and starts rubbing some in me butt cheeks & on his rod, afterwards stretches to reach a rubber(condom) & puts it on while still having me where no way I could get away from him. Slowly his hard eases up between my cheeks splitting them up & starts to open my tight like bootyhole open, causing me to whine & moan like turning me out & into a bitchlike nicca. I go from my so call straight intelligent side to his downlow boo/bitchlike prey. His rod goes up in this butthole of mine in & out kinda slowly like with me just a squirming then he wraps his arms around me while saying to my ass to stop fighting & accept it. I eventually have no choice but to surrender & let him dang like just r*pe my ass, & I fall in love with him. When he gets ready to nut, he pulls his dick out Then removes the condom off his rod. Next he start making me suck his rod & starts nutting on my face. Then tells me to go back into bathroom & clean my ass & face up. While I go do that, he lays in the bed waiting for my butt to comeback in there & get in bed to. I lay in his arms like he has conquered my butt, so now he's the man of the house & calls all the shots now. He wears the bigger pants between us, I'm under his thumb now. That's my shy fantasy side I been holding in.