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Happy Valentines Day

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about CapnHook and Shonuff. My fantasy is to be in a movie with the model,CAPNHOOK. We run into eachother at the mall while shopping,we eye eachother a lil while,he notices me tryin on my clothes and checkin myself out in the mirror and he is too. I leave the store and run into him again and we go back to his place. we have some small talk,start kissing,then the clothes are off. CAPNHOOK then kisses up and down my body,we give eachother head in a 69 position,he eats me out wildly while i try to slide away but he gets more aggresive with it. when he slides his dick in you can see the curve in it disappear. We are going at it hard,he is just fucking me hard,slow,fast,soft,anyway that feels good. He is a thug so i know he is gonna put some power behind his stroke. At one point his room mate comes in the room and sees us doing our thing and he joins in. They both take turns fucking me,then try to put both their dicks in me but as tight as i am,it doesnt work. Or does it? they both are about to bust their nutts. The room mate busts all over my ass from fucking me while im giving head to CAPNHOOK. CAPNHOOK then fucks me again but this time he is working it good. diggin deeper,driving harder,i mean piledriving me. Then he is about to cum,and he cums all over me. i suck on both guys again and we start goin at it for another round. Then we fade to black.